Sunday, July 8, 2012

Embellished Paper Clips

Once again I participated in an Embellished Paper Clip Swap on the site.  I knew I wanted to make watering cans, it made me look forward to the upcoming arrival of spring.  I had purchased some little flowers quite a while ago and knew they would work perfect as decoration for my watering cans.  I cut the watering can 1.5 inches and the circle behind it 2 inches.

Cartridges used:
Freshly Picked - watering can
George and Basic Shapes for the circle

I also used a fern corner punch and kept the fern pieces to add some green behind the flower

Large Paper Clips

I learned that you really need to use glue dots when you are working with embellished paper clips if you want to keep the design on the paper clip.  I will most likely use these on cards and not in my scrapbooks.  I do not like bulk in my scrapbooks.

Creativity is a mindset!

I realized that I had participated in the embellished paper clip a second time so I wanted to get the pics on this thread as well.  Three different topics: gardening, cooking and Wedding

I used cartidges:
Freshly Picked for the garden glove
From My Kitchen for the Coffee Pot
Wedding Solutions for the cake, it was on a stand but I cut the stand off.

I believe these were cut 1.5 inches

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