Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer club #2 - Let's play clay- 2012

These are some hot potato's .  

Clay club has us making some different creations, turtles, angry birds, potato heads and even a little edible chocolate playdough.

Star Wars Did it really come out in the summer of 1976?

These guys are getting ready for their grand debut.

2011 Minnesota State Fair - 3rd Place Creative Activities Polymer Clay beads

I made this lanyard as a fun thing to wear at work, the kids just love playing with it but it does get heave to wear around the neck.  I entered it into the fair last summer, and to my surprise I won 3rd place.  I do not see myself as a master in polymer clay but I guess I am not that bad.  Yes I am a winner or at least I was last year.  

Sun Catcher

This was another great Pinterest idea I found, melting clear colored beads in a pie plate in the oven, they sure ended up pretty, the kids were loving this activity

Clay Babies

Oh my have these been popular!  The kids all want to make them.  This little guy had a hairdo made completely by the kids.  They all love them and plan out what their baby is wearing, holding and having on it's feet.  Hair styles are also planned out, color, straight, curly, ponytails, bows etc.....  These kids are working so hard on their babies.

Wedding card

I created this for one of my co-workers I like it but know that if I make it again I will makes some changes, 

Cricut cartridges used: Paper Dolls for cake, Sweethearts for couple not sure about the hearts.

Summer club #1 - It's in the cards - 2012

This was a fun small group project, I worked with a group of 7 kids, cut all the pieces set them into kits and the kids put together two cards to take home after each meeting.  The kids were amazing and so eager to complete their cards.

It's Summer Time - let the fun begin.

Activity of the day: Kool Aid Playdough
Once the dough was made there was extra so I began playing, I made these cute flowers then I made cute flowers similar to these for several kids.

hello Kitty Graduation Card

I think this is one of the cutest cards that I made and gave away for graduation, perhaps that is why I only have a picture of this card and not the other cards I gave away.

Cricut Cartridge Used: Hello Kitty Greetings

Haley's Sweet Celebration Graduation Party

So I found this little website called Pinterest, they have some really cool things on the sight, check they out sometime - let me know if you need and invite.

I decided that Haley needed to have a Bee theme for her party since bee's are cute and Hornets the edina mascot is lacking the cute appeal.

Cake pops are not as easy to make as they might seem and then when you add the element of creating them into bee's really is a challenge.  Thanks to my dear friend Anne, her daughter Ellen and my sister in law I was able to pull this off.

Lanterns - Harry Potter Commons

Graduation at Edina is a fancy affair, after dozens and dozens of panels were painted to cover the walls of the high school, the decorations chairs asked if I could create some lanterns to hang in the commons, of course I could and here they are,

Cricut cartridge used: Over the Hill

Broom Covers?

Why????  The senior party theme this year was Harry Potter, the students had a quidditch game to play in the lobby of the school, I wanted the kids to be able to choose their special broom to fly around the quidditch board with.  The brooms needed decoration, this is what the results were.  The kid loved them.

Synchro Sections team paper dolls

  I made cards for all the Beyonce team members to wish them luck at the sections meet, before I put the cards together I had to have a little fun and make the paper dolls perform a couple of formations. Yes they did have 7 brunettes, and one blonde.  They were such a great team and had a load of fun together.  Haley, Sydney, Megan, Kelli, Abby, Marie, Bryn, Julia!

Edina Synchro Signs - State Meet 2012

Tradition has it that I have made signs for the younger team members to put together during the morning prior to the state meet.  These are the 2012 Edina Synchronized Swimming State Meet Posters.

Dog gone fun in 7th grade Art

 Buldge-eye is his name!  Obviously I need to work on proportions.  Once in a while while I am at school I get the opportunity to test my skills, this past year presented one of those rare opportunities.  I created this planter with a key hole in the back to hang on the pergola in the back yard.  Bulgy will go up next year I was a little busy the beginning of this summer.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My daughter catches on to my creativity

So I helped my daughter make memory boxes for the girls that she was a counselor for during confirmation camp.  She gave the girls the boxes on their confirmation filled with notes about their week at camp and bible verses that meant a lot to them all.

A little wedding surprise decoration

more cards one by one

It's in the cards...2012

This summer I ran a club in the summer program that I work for making cards with a smaller group of students, below are a sample of the cards we made, I made a finished product for each card then created a little kit with all the pieces in an envelope for the students to make the same card, with my instruction our creations are below:

Working on getting photos to upload

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey

My nephew is turning 1- the theme of his party will be sock monkeys.  I made a large sock monkey head so that his grandmother can copy it to make a cake.  I had so much fun making sock monkeys out of paper in several different sizes while my little nephew sat on my lap and "helped" me, we pushed the paper down on the sticky mat, then he would look to the cricut machine because he knew it was the next step.  I got about 45 minutes of snuggle time with this help.

Cartridge used: B is for Boys
Monkey head is cut at 16.24 - all I wanted was the head.  This was the largest I could cut it to keep it on a 8.5x11 piece of paper.

New Year Masks 2012

Happy New Year 2012

At KIDS Club we will be having a Early New Year's Eve Party.  I made these masks for some of the staff to wear.  I have since added some Glossy Accents to the white dots so they will pop out, currently they are drying so I will post a photo when they dry.
The second photo is a mask we made at school, we had 2 versions, one with sticks on the side with ribbons hanging off them and this one with elastic string.

Cartridge used was a digital cartridge purchased through Cricut Craft Room - Happy New Year 2012
Adult masks are cut at 7.5 inches, childrens masks are cut at 6.5 inches for K-2nd grade, 3rd grade and up 7.0 inches.

Happy New Year to you all my 2012 be a year of crafting for you all

Disney Cuts

Disney cuts

I made these to RAK to someone on a Disney Board that I belong to.



I used my Martha Stewart scoring board and made these cute little ornaments.  They were kind of fun to make and the first two turned out pretty cute.