Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fairy Princess Garden

I have always loved these gardens, now the little fairy princess' and elves can frolic away in their new garden that will be in my garden.

I have made the first 2 additions
Arch for climbing plants
Shepards Hook
I made a few clay pieces for the garden, a couple small gnomes, a purple snail - orange is for my SIL and then a boy at school asked if we could make turbo the snail from the new Disney movie : TURBO!  They all look very at home in their garden.

Today's garden addition - a firepit with roasting marshmallows. AND another Turbo <- he is kind of popular with the little boys at school.
While now I have done it, I have made the cutest little gnome and flamingos
(Pictures coming)

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  1. Oh I adore this! I wish I could go play with the fairies in this little enchanted world!