Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Writing in the Florida sand

This past January we (all 4 of us) were able to travel south to Florida. Along out travels we stopped by the beaches of the Atlantic and then again on the beaches of the gulf. Several times we collected or wrote my nieces name in the sand with her new fianc├ęs and made hearts with shells then took pictures, we knew we would bring print the photos frame them and gift them to Cyndal and Alex. I think it turned out great. I printed the photos at Walmart 1 hour printing, they did a decent job and so fast. This was suppose to be the main wedding gift but since I forgot this is going to be Keenan's gift to the couple since he will not be at the wedding :( classes, finals, moving and China in 12 days (for 8 months) will keep him home.

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